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Ruysch Technical Agencies

Whether Dry Dock, In-Water Survey or a solution for the purification of fluids on board vessels, we have the contacts to ensure a fast solution at your desired location. We constantly examine the market and follow new developments.

Ship Owners and Shipping Companies

We inventory ship owners and companies in the Benelux region on a daily basis, including their fleets and the locations of the ships worldwide. We work according to high quality standards and comply with the most up-to-date techniques for serving clients quickly and accurately. With our global network of more than 27 ship repair yards, there is almost always a yard to suit your maintenance needs.

By choosing us you choose a total concept. Obviously, you determine the extent to which you make use of this yourself. We offer everything as a custom solution and determine the approach in consultation with you.

One thing is certain.....to work with RTAH is to choose a committed partner striving to build a sustainable relationship with you and your staff